Squad: Adult Volunteering Programme

Perfect for individuals that want to lend a hand, learn about the behind- the- scenes magic of arts projects and get truly involved. Make, craft and volunteer in rewarding roles to help make exciting arts events and activities happen in Thurrock. Great for adding to your CV for that new job, making new friends, learning new skills and doing something for yourself. Regular rewards with trips, treats and visits to thank you for your time too when volunteering at events. SQUAD is suitable for anyone over 18.

September 2023 onwards

Join The Squad!

Our Adult volunteering programme is ideal for the crafters and thinkers, the handy folk, the fixers, the time keepers, friendly faces, social bees and the make-stuff-happeners!
Perhaps you aren’t thrilled by the idea of being on the stage, but would love to be a part of the team that brings things together and keeps our wonderful arts and culture based events, running smoothly. The sessions are perfect for individuals that want to lend a hand in a rewarding role that helps make exciting events and activities happen in Thurrock.

Volunteer roles can range from being an event steward to assisting artists in community workshops to drumming up some chit-chat around feedback so we can better serve Thurrock in its arts events. All things that are supported by the team and aided through our Squad sessions.

Squad runs on released dates from 7pm – 9pm at our studios within the Thameside complex for adults over the age of 18 years old.

The group is friendly, diverse and applies no pressure, it simply asks for your help!
Sessions are fun and informative, giving our volunteers warm beverages and biscuits along with the skills and knowledge to feel safe and supported in their integral role with us. The programme boasts a mixture of transferrable skills that could also compliment employability.

If you have some spare time and would be interested in having a chat about how you could get involved with Squad and other volunteering opportunities, we would be happy to hear from you. Head to the Contact Us page or email us directly at squad@artsoutburst.co.uk

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