Musical Maths

Made for Adults over 19 year olds, living in Thurrock WITHOUT a GCSE in Maths…

September 2023 - March 2024

Come along to our free weekly sessions and explore music, song and basic music theory to change your feelings towards numbers through music. There’ll be music, tea and plenty of time for a chit-chat at our studio space within the Thameside Complex. Let loose and learn in a safe, social environment. No experience necessary.

The programme is free for adults over the age of 19yrs, living in Thurrock, who do not have a GCSE in Maths.

BUT WHY? It is no secret that numbers are everywhere. We leave school thinking ‘when will I ever need that skill’ but we face numbers more than you would ever think and if they leave a sour taste in your mouth… then something like our Multiply programme, Musical Maths could help.
Music is full of subconscious numbers… and we’re pretty sure you get that clammy hands feeling about music. So, come along and try it out. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Perhaps numbers don’t give you the heebie-jeebies… you might also find this helpful if you are an adult wanting to join a choir that handles sheet music, or if you are looking into finally learning to play the piano to tick it off the bucket list!

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